Transport Economics research themes

  • transport and logistics development policies, strategic planning, decision making,
  • EDI applications and consulting,
  • financing methods and softwares for infrastructure investments, feasibility studies,
  • pricing techniques and privatization methods in transport,
  • monetizing external effects of transport and logistics, complex analysis of sustainability related problems,
  • financing of transport infrastructure,
  • analysis of micro economical problems, externals of logistics, efficiency of transport system planning,
  • technological and economic relationships, efficiency analysis (data envelopment analysis),
  • Activity Based Costing,
  • spatial computable general equilibrium models (SCGE).

Transport Technology research themes

Planning, measurement and analysis of transportation networks:

  • analysis of spatiotemporal changes and demands in personal and freight transport,
  • measurement and planning of traffic flows,
  • monitoring the demand and supply connections in transportation,
  • evaluation and optimization of multimodal travel chains,
  • deriving and estimation of mobility demands using cellular data,
  • analysis and prognosis of daily mobility patterns,
  • establishment and development of transportation networks using demand prognosis.

Construction and analysis of transportation technological and operational processes:

  • modeling, simulation and estimation of transportation flows and processes,
  • timetable planning, development of station, route and sorting technologies,
  • construction of vehicle journeys and turning plans,
  • coordination of vehicle maintaining and traffic processes.

Transport Informatics - Intelligent Transport Sytems research themes

Analysis, planning and development of transportation informatics systems:

  • planning and development of urban, road, railway transportation system elements,
  • implementation of transportation databases, hardware structures and software systems,
  • macro and micro simulation of urban, road, railway and air networks using VISSIM and VISUM software,
  • influencing passenger demands with ICT tools,
  • connection of different databases and components, dealing with shared systems.

Planning and development of operative control systems:

  • development of road and urban traffic control systems,
  • analysis and planning of railway, waterway, air and combined freight control systems,
  • determining the causes of delay using real-time traffic information,
  • analysis of the influence of weather and other circumstances on the traffic flow,
  • integrated planning of informatics systems of transportation modes, networks, flows and processes,
  • analysis and development of organization structures of transportation and freight systems.
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